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AquaTarp has got all your fine dust and erosion problems covered. 

This solvent-free, water and surfactant based emulsion of latex polymer is specifically designed and formulated for easy application onto surfaces experiencing dust and/or erosion issues. These include roads, earthworks, hardstands, stockpiles, re-vegetation sites, rail wagons and other exposed surfaces.

The presence of acrylic matter in the formulation of this dust product helps to bind fine dust particles that can quickly become airborne at the slightest breeze.

Longer-term ground stabilisation and water-proofing can be achieved by establishing the product into the surface wearing course layer via a stabilisation process.

When sprayed onto material surfaces, the crusting effect of the product produces a surface seal that exhibits extremely good wind and water erosion resistance whilst also preventing dust particles from being emitted into the atmosphere and sediment run-off.

It is supremely wind and water erosion-resistant and is perfect for all soil stabilisation projects, as well as binding fine particles on goods in transit and sealing stockpiles.

Dust-A-Side Dust Suppression Systems

AquaTarp is conveniently delivered in a concentrated liquid form ready to use; it is typically diluted in a water cart at a concentration of 2.5% right up to 20% depending on the specific requirement.

Normally clear, it can also be supplied with a green-dye additive to aid control of spray coverage.

Environmental & Cost Benefits:

  • Operational dust reductions
  • Reduced sediment run-off and surface erosion
  • Substantial water savings
  • Safer operations due to improved visibility
  • Operational cost savings and efficiencies due to a reduction in water cart operating hours
  • Water repellent surface; creating less wet-weather delays due to faster surface drying times, improved wet-weather trafficability and fewer washouts
  • Lower surface maintenance costs as a result of reduced need for graders & other civil maintenance equipment, plus regular replenishment of surface wearing course material
  • Safer haulage conditions due to the reduced likelihood of a vehicle losing control as a result of over-watering


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