Dust Monitor

Dust Monitor is a Dust Concentration Measurement System that makes use of the most modern technology available to measure dust concentrations along with wind speed and direction in real time.

A range of equipment with sophisticated data collection and analysis software can be supplied as part of a dust concentration monitoring network service that DAS™ will install and maintain on the clients premises.

These dust monitoring networks can range from basic systems monitoring dust concentrations in either PM2.5, PM10 or TSP t sophisticated systems measuring PM2.5, PM10 and TSP to US EPA certification (EQPM-0798-122) standards for automatic monitoring, recording and reporting.

All equipment used in these Dust Monitoring Networks is well proven, robust and features low cost operations, ease of use and minimal maintenance. The networks can consist of mobile units, fixed stations or a combination of both.

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  • Mobile units are self-contained and do not require any utility supply from the client, whilst the fixed stations generally would require a power supply.
  • All monitoring station can have various communications options installed, including radio networks, 3G (GSM), satellite or fixed line.
  • By making use of these dust monitoring networks, the client will be in position to know in real time what the dust concentration levels are in and around their operation, what the potential is for exceeding legal limitations and further be able to provide accurate real time reporting both internally and to external authorities when required, and as this data is all in real time, it will allow the client to pro-actively implement Dust Management Solutions to prevent localized dust concentration exceedance from becoming liability issues.