Haul Road Condition Monitoring and Reporting System developed in conjunction with an ISO 9001 listed technology partners that have extensive experience in performance measurement, validation and reporting techniques.

  • Scientific Auditing Process ensuring continuous improvement of Haul Road Quality
  • Uses unique processes and systems to monitor, capture and report on Haul Road Conditions in near to real time 
  • Validated on a working open cast mine over an extended period – verified benefits presented to mine on quarterly basis
  • Offered exclusively by DAS™

DASMetrics measures 5 key variables that affect rolling resistance

  • Potholes 
  • Rutting 
  • Corrugations 
  • Loose Material 
  • Stoniness – Fixed


  • Monitoring of Haul Road Maintenance KPI’s by a validated scientific process
    • Incremental Continuous Improvement in Haul Road Conditions leading to
  • Faster Haul Cycle Times
  • Longer Vehicle Component Life
  • Safer Operations
  • Lower Operating Costs
    • Capability to Calculate Value Benefits
  • Fuel
  • Carbon Credits
  • Tyres
  • Productivity
  • Water

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